How to budget for your Wedding – In other words have we got the money honey?! 😉

Don’t be nervous as we said the ‘B’ for budget word! Most our dearly beloved couples are new at this and have not planned a wedding before. If it is your second wedding, things may have changed so its important to recap as to what is needed when planning a wedding. All special events need a budget and careful planning. The last thing we want is for you to feel overwhelmed or get stressed due to unnecessary or unforeseen wedding costs.

Do you know what your overall wedding budget is? How much can you and do you want to spend? In order to reduce stress it is very important in the initial early stages of planning to draw a rough draft of what is needed and how much all of that is going to cost. Itemize all items and services needed – then call up your favorite aunty who you may not have seen for many years – and ask for a donation!

The following are some basic wedding services and wedding items that will cost money – some of them are OPTIONAL but if wanted by the Bride and Groom will need to be included into the wedding budget.


(bouquets, boutonnieres, optional floral center pieces for the reception tables, wedding ceremony decorative flowers for the wedding arbor and flowers or petals to decorate the isle) Check with your Florist if their team is setting up or simply delivering the flowers (important to know)


(the cost will be determined by the amount of hours they play)


(you will need a team of 2 photographers ideally if your wedding has more than 80 guests) Smaller weddings with one photographer work out less expensive

4. WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY (optional expense but absolutely amazing to have one for your memories) If you hire one – ask them if they have a drone as those make nothing short of spectacular footage!

5. HAIR AND MAKE UP TEAM (Costs depend on the size of the bridal party)



These costs depend on whether you use Disposable Dishes and Cups OR Real Dishes and Glassware, Table Cloths, Linen Napkins or Disposable Paper Napkins. You also need one server per 20 to 25 guests and a Bar Tender to adequately manage the Cocktail Hour and Reception Dinner plus cleanup at the end of the night. Caterers usually charge a fee per server. Large guest count = more servers.


(some couples do a large 3 tier cake – others do a candy bar or a smaller wedding cake just to cut with assortment of smaller desserts such as  cupcakes, chocolate brownies etc.


10. Parking  attendant, Babysitting may be additional optional expenses depending on your wedding guest count and needs.

11. DECOR to create and add to your wedding theme (did I mention how much I love the Hobby Lobby? sigh…) Larger items such as wine barrels, wooden chairs etc can be rented from wedding rental companies, smaller items can be purchased. Greenock Manor can supply a few basic décor items to help the bridal family reduce costs and unnecessary expenses. Please note this is done as a gesture of kindness to help reduce costs and dependent on which items we have available at the time (items do go missing or get damaged from time to time so just check with us)

12. WEDDING FAVORS (Can be placed directly onto the reception tables OR in a basket for guests to collect as they depart towards the end of the night.

13. Rain plan Tent for your Wedding Ceremony to cover guests, Pop up tent to cover Bar (Greenock luckily owns their own tents so ask about set up costs for the large ceremony tent and or the smaller bar tent)

14. Gratuity (it is customary to tip : Your Servers, Parking attendant, Bar Tender, Wedding Planner or On the Day Wedding Co-ordinator) Any amount is valued by staff so please make a note.

In closing, and if we have to give you the most honest feedback : The greatest factor that influences your wedding costs is the size of the guest count. The larger the wedding and the more wedding guests invited – the more expensive everything will be. For larger guests lists you will need more plates, dishes, linens, drinks, food, decor, table center pieces, wedding favors and a tons more. All of those items cost money. Our advice is to choose your guest list wisely and realistically. It’s better to have a classy beautiful wedding with less guests – than a large wedding where corners are cut due to budget restraints.

Any questions? We love to hear from you – best is to text us on 703 687 7641 with any questions!