Chanel the owner of Greenock Manor offers digital marketing training courses in the comfort of your own office or home – this can be done virtually, simply start with an initial over the phone consultation.

Is your team in needing a deeper understanding of online marketing? Are you a business owner needing clients to find you online to enhance the profitability of your business? Have a chat to us, we will do a short interview to gain a hands-on understanding of the basic needs your business has. We will then put together a customized training course that will give you hands tips for basic online marketing strategy.

Courses can be scheduled at Greenock Manor or if easier book an in-house training session, we will come into your offices. Our various digital training courses will cover the basics of Google optimization, do a health check on the quality of your website and advise you accordingly. Depending on your needs, we will do a light or intensive training course with your team.

Most of our courses are bespoke according to your company’s main needs. We will cover the latest in social media management, marketing strategy and analytics for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging and many more depending on your preferences. Why wait, send us a message and find out a little more!