Have you visited our jewelry shop in Orange? Greenock Manor is proudly boasts a unique range of hand crafted jewelry, Sapphire Dawn. Chanel created this wonderful range, starting it 16 years ago with the vision of creating employment opportunities for previously disadvantaged women in South Africa. The brand name, Sapphire Dawn has a special meaning. ‘Sapphire’ the beautiful blue gemstone symbolises ‘New Beginnings’ and ‘Dawn’ refers to ‘New Beginnings’. By purchasing these beautiful items, you can support and contribute to fulfilling the dreams of the Sapphire Dawn team and making new beginnings in their lives possible. Should you own a gift store be welcome to inquire for a full range of wholesale costume jewelry. This range caters for corporate gifting as well as wedding favors or simply makes a gift for a special occasion. For examples of our range kindly visit our online store by clicking HERE