After experiencing many many Weddings at Greenock we found that the ‘magical Wedding Genie that appears out of the lamp and saves the day’ – is to have a Planner on board at your wedding!

We found that without a coordinator the Bride becomes stressed- then the Groom becomes stressed because the Bride is stressed and then mom’s are roped in to help -who in turn become stressed and then because the moms are stressed the dads become stressed – and then the aunties and uncles are roped in and so the stress domino effect happens.

So after much deliberation we decided to make it mandatory to have an events coordinator assist with your wedding at Greenock Manor. (Can I hear a sigh of relief?)

Because not every couple can afford a Wedding Planner we decided to offer the following Wedding Planning Packages to our couples. We have reduced all rates to make them affordable with the option to please tip should ‘the hire Wedding Genie perform well’ 😉

Here are some Wedding Planning packages to look over:

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Wedding Coordination and Basic Planning

As a gift to our couples we offer various levels of support to our couples from the initial point of contact till the last guest leaves on their Wedding Day. These rates are specially discounted to make it affordable to everyone

We will give you a basic step by step breakdown of exactly what’s needed and the range of costs for those in the wedding industry. We will support and advise any couple no matter where they decide to book their wedding venue (this service is available to all couples even if they don’t book at Greenock Manor) Please text to 703-6877641 to set up a time for a quick call.

Should you be having an elopement this may be just the 2 of you OR your immediate families OR up to 25 guests. This planning service is available for $50-$100 depending on hours and the amount of guests. Message us for options

The planner will arrive 2 hours before the Ceremony and assist with all until the last guests leave

With this package our team offers full support from start to finish. A thorough explanation of requirements for all hired wedding vendors to make your wedding as stress free and successful as possible. We will make sure you keep within your wedding budget when it comes to choosing your wedding vendors. Where needed we will call and liaise directly with them, assist them with site tours and on the Wedding Day manage their teams till the end of the night. We will also build your wedding timeline and manage this for you on your wedding day.